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I’m gonna meet Chris Pirillo on Friday at CeBIT


This is an update on a blogpost that I wrote in German the other day. I just want to tell you all that Chris Pirillo (@ChrisPirillo) of the US blogging network is coming to the CeBIT show that’s taking place from March 1st to March 5th in Hannover, Germany. Most of my German readers will know that I’ve been to CeBIT many times before. It’s actually where I first met Guido Beck from Microsoft who helped me to get in contact with some other nice people there.

Anyways, I just wanted to tell you this because I know some of my readers will be interested in meeting him, like I’ll do right after his talk on Friday. I’ll talk to him in a private group at a round-table. His talk is at 10:45 AM on Friday the 4th. Aome other people of his community will be there like „datalore“ from the UK and Chris says he’ll even bring his dad with him to Germany. Btw, this is his 2nd time in Germany and of course, he has the Google Translate app so it shouldn’t be a problem for him to speak to other German people. But that app on the iPhone uses data because it sends youur recorded voice over the internet to Google’s servers to figure out what you actually said, and without the international data flat for $60 / month (that Woz apparently still has) from AT&T, Chris will have to find some WiFi. But don’t worry Chris, if you’re reading this, just connect your iPhone at CeBIT to that network called „wififairgrounds“ and you’ll be fine. Otherwise comment or sent me a message and I’ll just give you my credentials for my WiFi hotspot flat that I got from Deutsche Telekom when I bought my iPhone 4 there.

and btw. yes you read right: It’s a Friday, but I have an official allowance from my class teacher to „take off“ take day (and miss the math test 😉